Look at how the numbers shake out! So the next time you have the opportunity to purchase locally, pause before you purchase.

And consider becoming Lakes Proud!

Need more reasons why this movement matters? By spending money at our area businesses you:

  • Preserve Our Uniqueness – Our retail, service, and commercial organizations all contribute to the lakes lifestyle, one that’s sought after by area residents and tourists alike. Many local businesses provide services or products that can’t be found anywhere else!
  • Support Your Neighbor – The families that live down your street are the ones who benefit when you spend at local businesses. Whether your neighbor is a business owner, employee, or vendor, you’re helping them to succeed.
  • Create Mutual Benefits – The businesses that you support give back to the community through charitable giving and volunteerism. On average, local businesses donate more than twice as much per sales dollar to local nonprofits, events, and youth activities.
  • Show That You Care – Purchasing from a nearby store helps the environment by using less fuel and packaging. Plus, the people who own, manage, and work at these businesses care about the well-being of our community because it’s their home, too.
  • Ensure That Tax Dollars Stay – As businesses succeed and grow, they increase the local tax base that funds roads, parks, and programs that benefit everyone. On average, each dollar you spend at a locally-owned business returns three times more money to the area economy.
  • Encourage a Culture of Pride – from the bait shop to the boat manufacturer, when their doors remain open, the community thrives. Purchasing locally creates a sense of pride and ownership in these organizations and in our region’s well-being – leaving no doubt that “We’re Open for Business!”